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Menus and wines

Vanajanlinna kitchen is famed as one of the experts in modern Scandinavian cuisine.
The expectations of our customers are particularly high when enjoying meals in the convivial atmosphere of the Manor.
Our kitchen staff exceed these expectations with high-quality food.
Food-quality is a matter of personal and professional importance to our staff. 


À la Carte

Orders from À la carte -list when the group is under 10 persons.
For bigger groups we recommend Served dinner.
All À la carte -dishes are available on Fridays and Saturdays,
on other days orders from reduced list (more information from the reception).



Served dinners

As the seasons move on, so do our seasonal menus, elegantly combining the fresh tastes of the season, with a suitable element of surprise.  
Served Dinner menus are recommended for groups larger than 10 persons, advance orders required.



We provide buffet menus for groups with a minimum of 35 people. You can ask for more information on all our options from our sales service. 

Social menus

The starters will be served so that the guests can share them at the table. The main course and dessert will be served for everyone separate.
Social menus are recommended for groups 8-100 persons.


Vanajanlinna Golf & Country Club, Club Restaurant 

Linna Golf Club Restaurant has always been counted among the finest in the country.
Club Restaurant is open every day on golf season.



Scandinavian cuisine uses select seasonal produce that honours its true flavouring.
A tribute to the high-quality of our meals is the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Coat of Arms, awarded in 2000 which is revised annually.

Mika Jokela, Chef de Cuisine and his staff prepare meals combining pure flavours, out-of-the-box thinking and strong professionalism. He reveals some of the highlights of the a la carte-menu: "Grilled duck's liver and brioche with fig-salad is absolutely one of our most famous dishes."


Sales office
tel. +358 3 6102 200