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Hotel Vanajanlinna is the place for important engagements that demand the perfect setting. Our customers have a wide range of choice for the setting they require.
The Manor and its estates have a wide range of restaurants, functionally combining the modern and the timeless, unadulterated feel of the past.
Whether you are looking to organise a wedding, a party or a conference, Vanajanlinna is an elegant choice for any occasion.


The atmospheric Dining Room evokes a rare sense of glamour from times past. The Dining Room functions as a comfortable à la carte restaurant.

The Dining Room has 50 seats and a bar.

Big occasions demand functional and versatile settings. The Music Room is an excellent additional room for festive occasions, along with the Salon and the Dining Room. The Music Room can be fitted with a buffet, and after the meal the room can be used for dancing and other functions.

The bay windows of the Salon offer a wonderful view down to the park and lake, giving a unique tone to any occasion.

The French windows of the room open to form a passage directly onto the Manor terrace. The Salon functions as a comfortable à la carte restaurant for our guests, as well as as a special function room for different festive occasions.

The Salon has 78 seats.

The Vanajanlinna Festive Hall has held many glamorous occasions, from national beauty contests to weddings and dignified business parties. The Hall has also been the stage for many top-rate performers. The Hall is also well suited for balls, seminars and any large gathering. 

The Festive Hall is the grandest and largest of all the Manor Halls, and it can entertain up to 250 people for cocktail-parties, and serve dinners for up to 160 people. The Festive Hall can only be reserved for groups.

The Old Library offers some wonderful culinary opportunities with several courses and complete privacy. The room's atmosphere is enhanced by the original chandelier, and the large marble fireplace.

The massive table seats 20, and the room can be fitted with four additional, smaller tables, bringing the number of seats up to 40. The Old Library can only be booked for groups.


The Wine Tavern creates a wonderful atmosphere for any dinner. Its arches and beautiful murals were painted in the 1940s when the German weapons manufacturer Willy Daugs was the owner.

Guests of our wine tastings are encouraged to try our select high-class wines, under the guidance of our sommelier. The Wine Tavern can be booked in advance for groups of 10 to 40.

In the Speakeasy we let loose and party in the shadowy atmosphere of the Prohibition-era underground bar. Aside from lively parties, the Speakeasy is also well suited for after-parties.

The Speakeasy can be booked for groups. You can find more information about theme parties and programs from our sales office.

The Golf Club Restaurant, situated near the Main Building, serves Vanajanlinna conference guests on request. During golfing season the Club Restaurant serves both the customers of the Golf course and guests of the Hotel daily. The Restaurant seats one hundred, and can easily be used in conjunction with the Club Lounge upstairs. The Club Lounge functions as both a restaurant, and a conference room, for a maximum of a hundred guests.

The windows of the Club Lounge, situated upstairs from the Golf Club, open onto the wonderful green view of the Golf Course. The Club Lounge is well suited for both conferences and as a restaurant, and can serve up to a hundred guests.

During the Summer season, a marvellous Festive Pavilion is erected in the courtyard of the Manor. The Festive Pavilion is fitted with crystal chandeliers, to serve our guests in the authentic Vanajanlinna style. 

The Festive Pavilion can be booked for groups for the entire length of the Summer season up until November. The Pavilion can be used for cocktail-events serving up to 500 guests. Dinner can be served for up to 300 guests.

For more information, please contact our sales office.